Plan your Landscape in Winter

Develop your landscape design now for a smoother transition into spring and summer installation. 

Courtyard Garden BeforeCourtyard Garden OverlayS:Client RelatedBid2013GrecoGreco Color Wall Plan.pres

Why wait until spring to begin thinking about landscape projects? When the leaves are turning and the garden is just beginning to hibernate, next summer seems so far away. Here are a few reasons you should develop your landscape plan now:
  • Spring and Early Summer is the busiest time of year for landscape contractors. Signing up with your contractor early is the best way to ensure your project is high on their list.
  • Working with a designer in the winter months means they will have more time to spend on your project. And you will have more time to make sure the design and budget is ideal for your needs.
  • Planning a swimming pool or implementing a project near a wetland will require special permitting, which takes some time! Get the paperwork out of the way so you are free to begin work when the weather is good.
  • Winter is a great time to visualize future landscape changes. The trees are bare, and many plants are below ground or in hibernation. It is often easier to see your property as a blank slate this time of year.
  • Looking at pictures of landscape and plants and dreaming of your new garden oasis is sure to brighten up the darker days of winter.

S:Client RelatedBid2012PolebaumPolebaum Color Rendering.pre

Craggy Ridge PlanGarden_Concept SketchLinear_Garden




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